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Our company began within 2002 which has a authorized funds of 5 million RMB.We continues to be promoting an enormous range of chicken netting for more than ten years.It operate through six depots within China. All six of these depots are usually filled up with our own massive stocks. This means speedy delivery and best price. It is well-known and appreciated through our own customers because of its variety and advanced technologies... [more]
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Our company pay out significantly attention to provide solutions to satisfy the most particular specifications, management and also high quality. This company is involved in manufacturing and also foreign trade...
1.How long have your company recently been established? Have you got sufficient experience?Our company began in 1998. We have been on this line for over 10 years and also the company possessed 5 additional factories.2.How could you ensure the high quality?Every step of the production as well as the complete running are under cautious manage. We've modified a whole and efficient...
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Chicken Wire Netting

Chicken wire is also named poultry netting or hexagonal wire netting.This chicken wire netting is made of lean, flexible galvanized iron wire and then be made to hexagonal mesh. We can supply many mesh size.Such as 1 inch (about 2.5 cm) diameter, 2 inch (about 5 cm) and 1/2 inch (about 1.3 cm). The various wire gauges of chicken mesh is also available. It usually ranges from 19 gauge (about 1 mm wire) to 22 gauge (about 0.7 mm wire). The thinness and zinc coated galvanized wire may be not suitable for animals tend to biting and will not protect them from predators.In construction, before a process of stuccoing,chicken wire is firstly used as a skeleton to hold the concrete which reinforced with chicken wire yields ferrocement. On this side chicken netting mesh plays a role as a universal construction material.


Chicken wire netting is commonly used to fence poultry livestock, such as chickens.
It can be used to build cheap cages for small animals.
It is used in garden for small bird protection, or as poultry or small animals housing.It is also used in agricultural side.

The Types

According to the materials, it comes in three types: galvanized chicken mesh, stainless steel poultry wire, PVC coated chicken wire netting.
Galvanized chicken netting mesh has many hole sizes. 13mm hole is used to make fruit cages and sculpture; 25-50mm hole is suitable for poultry feeding, garden borders and bird protection; 31mm-50mm hole is a little large and it is for rabbit protection as the low cost factor.
Stainless steel poultry wire is mainly made of stainless steel wire which is thin and flexible with hexagonal gaps.
PVC coated netting has a core wire of 17 or 19 gauge galvanized wire.


Because popular protection fences is easy to be able to interweave as well as put in. Generally, the types of materials tend to be hot-dipped gal wire, electro galvanized wire, vinyl fabric sprayed line, black coated wire. Here are the particular poultry wire weaving running.The particular manufacturing associated with poultry netting is named weaving. A metal wire, usually gal to lessen rust, is taken alongside any turning long as well as toned blade, hence developing a relatively compressed spiral. The actual spin out of control continues to turn past the edge and gusts of wind it's approach through the previous spin out of control which is already part of the fencing. If the control reaches the particular far end of the fence, the actual spiral will be minimize near the edge.
Following, the particular control is hard pressed flat and also the whole wall is actually moved up, prepared for the next routine. Get rid of each 2nd spin out of control overlap get rid of every initial control. The device clamps both ends and gives them a couple of twists. As a result the hyperlinks long term.An improved version of the weaving machine winds a couple of wire the round the blade at the same time, hence developing a twice helix. One of many spirals is weaved with the final spin out of control that is already section of the wall. This kind of improvement permits the way to progress twice as fast.

The Advantages

Chicken wire netting has stronger and more stable woven structure than the general wire fence (such as chain link fence).
Chicken wire fences have the features of durable construction, the smooth surface, good anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation.
Vinyl coated mesh is more durability over the galvanizing.
The galvanized only coated fence can be guaranteed for about 10 years but a good galvanized wire vinyl/PVC coated has a rust through guarantee of 20 years.
Compare with the chain link fence if a place is cut off, the chicken wire will not cause entire structure destroyed. If the same situation come to chain link fence, the adjacent points will destroyed.